Care and maintenance

A watch like any precision instrument needs regular maintenance to operate correctly during the life, the maintenance generally depends on the model of the watch, how it is used and how you care for it.

A mechanical watch should be revised every 4 years, for a correct use we recommend to adopt the following precautions:

Water Resistance
Water resistance can not be guaranteed for life, however an accidental knock to the watch crown or to the other buttons can damage the resistance.
When the watch is immersed in water it needs particular care, in general conditions we remind you that the pressure could be more when you're diving.
The shower for example gives a higher pressure to the watch than diving, in fact it is advised not to wear the watch in the shower.

Screw down Crown
After you have used the crown ensure you carefully screw the crown back in place so the water will not enter the mechanisms.

Non screw Crown
After you have used the crown push it in a neutral position ensuring the water will not enter.

Plunging water
You should never wear the watch when plunging into the water as the pressure is very high and will not be supported by the watch.

Try to avoid any knocks to the watch.

Magnetic area
The watch should never be exposed to a magnetic area, fridges, speakers, magnets, they all create strong magnetic areas.

Chemical products
Avoid direct contact with solvents, perfume, cosmetics etc. as they could damage the watch face, strap or seals.

After swimming in the sea it is advised to gently wash the watch under luke warm water.

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