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A tradition of the innovation
Blancpain is the oldest brand in the world founded in 1735 between the Dura Mountains in Switzerland by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain, today after 2 and a half centuries the manufacturing is still growing and keeping in touch with his story and still makes mechanic watches in the laboratory in Brauss located in the Vallè De Jou, the cradle of the complicated mechanic clockwork.In the case of Blancpain tradition and innovation are both present in each and every watch, this concept is in the middle of the manufacturing philosophy which doesn't have a building chain but celebrates craftsman methods which the mechanic clockwork practices from centuries.An expert watch maker could work on a watch for entire weeks and for particular models the full year.Since forever these extraordinary watches are individual creations by artist-ants, workers into the prestigious atelier of the Vallèe, they are not just mechanical watch makers, they know many micro-mechanical techniques, they are aware of the most up to date and current software so they can solve any problems should they arise, exploring new horizons where the watch making field is yet to reach.


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Enrico Verità 1865
Via dei Calzaiuoli 122R-124R
50122 - Firenze (FI) - Italy
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Decus s.r.l. - Via Calzaiuoli 122/r - 124/r - 50122 - Firenze (FI)
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