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The sky and the cinema for passion
The long and exciting journey of Hamilton lasted 120 years and started from the United States to Biel, the Swiss watchmaker's capital city.The inspirations for creating the watches come from aviation, cinema and new technology.The Hamilton watches are a mix between the American humour and the Swiss technology, and they have a unique shape with a special personality.Over a century old, it is one of the most known Companies born in America, in the beginning Hamilton produced watches for the railways,afterwards the American Airmail airmen started to wear these watches during their flights.During the second world war the brand became the official American Army watch dealer, afterwards in 1957 Hamilton created “Ventura” the first watch in the world to be battery operated, in 1972 they give birth to the first digital watch in the universe.Thanks to the wide range of watches Hamilton has been an extremely popular brand for cinema producers and in the Hollywood cinema district.

A selection of Hamilton watches

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